INBIT Corp believes a good product should be introduced to the public and since each category of consumers are unique and differentiated, thus we target our consumers according to their purchasing behaviour, buying power, demographics and psychographic. With that, we have a coherent distribution channel that include e-commerce platform, retail platform, new business platform model and also social media platform to help boost impression on consumers.

The team works hard to promote, distribute the products by creating awareness to initial contacts up to closing sales to target consumers,INBIT Corp makes sure that every step of the process is being well taken care of.


We have plans to organize and execute our mission to penetrate the global market


Actively participating in actuvities to build customer awareness and brand power. At INBIT Corp, we have a dedicated team to execute all related activities.


With the change of today’s international market demand, it has urged the company to change its marketing climate, besides from traditional trading, attending trade exhibitions and acceleration missions, the company has also entered the digital era by participating in e-commerce platform.

The e-Commerce platforms give us an opportunity to be seen internationally especially after pairing it with international trade shows. We are currently in discussion with a few e-commerce companies in the United States to carry our products.