Infused with ingredients highly revered by the locals throughout centuries.  INBIT Corp will source only the best ingredients naturally derived from the most diversified, well-kept and oldest rain forest in the world.

INBIT Corp is proud to present Value Added Downstream Products that contains ingredients like Edible Bird’s Nest and traditional herbs with the best of technology.

Our products are divided into Three Main Categories:

  • Cognitive Wellness
  • Physical Wellness
  • Aesthetic Wellness

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Tackle Our New Millennium Health Challenges


In this generation of instant knowledge, improvement in the medical industry, awareness campaign on physical and mental health, thus, more and more people are being well taken care of and live very much longer than our fore fathers.

Nonetheless, as the older generation lives longer and healthier, we have to tackle health challenges like Alzheimer, Parkinson or Dementia, which is a silent killer and effect the patient and the family seriously.

Therefore, INBIT Corp has plans to produce health supplements that targets to prevent these diseases.  Health supplements are the most basic and crucial to fill up any gaps in our diet and provide the needed boost of nutrients to strengthen the human brain.



We put 2 and 2 together to make 16


Physical Wellness has become mainstream in the turn of the millennium, people who wants to stay strong and healthy will opt for “naturally functional” ingredients that when combined with another ingredient it is able to give us quantum mechanics that further enhance the function of the food, providing additional or enhanced benefits that goes over and above their basic nutritional value.

We believe that in order to increase the efficiency of the products it is important to focus on a particular functional ingredient and its quantum effect with another, in order that our consumers are able to benefit from consuming our products. Therefore, at INBIT Corp you are able to find physical wellness products that focuses on the visual, integumentary, digestive, musculoskeletal and also the immune system.



Unwrap the gift of Future Perfect for your skin


Combining the best of technology and world renown manufacturers, we provide a series of skin care products that cleanse, protects, rejuvenates and hydrates, that will definitely suit your requirements and meet your expectations.

Our skin care collection is meticulously infused with Natural Ingredient derive from the tropical rain forest to give you optimum Hydration, Rejuvenation & Protection, making sure the perfect skin is for present and in future.